Rob Macintosh

Rob Macintosh displays enormous diversity in his work. Within the broad divisions of wildlife, landscape and seascape Rob explores a multiplicity of subject matter ranging from the signature rural and urban architecture of South Africa to sweeping compositions of the deserts, mountains and agricultural heartland of the region. Rob is a self taught artist which has tended to liberate him from much of the formality of fine art which in turn has laid the foundation of Rob’s free spirited journey of personal creative expression.


At the root of Rob Macintosh’s work is his passion for art, for the outdoors and for the work and interpretation of many of his principal influences.rks predominantly in oils but enjoys In the early stages of Rob’s career his work tended to center around landscape and seascape, but in due course he began to experiment with realism in his treatment of wildlife subjects. A strict adherence to anatomical accuracy has always been a feature of Rob’s work, and one that has, as his art has matured, developed into an uncanny sense of form and detail in work that suffers nothing as a consequence in feeling, humor and simplicity.

Rob Macintosh holds a respected place among South African artists, although his work has an international essence, reflecting the wildlife and landscapes of many regions. With a maturity that comes from years of experience and experimentation, Rob’s work has both a classic and contemporary flavor in a manner both distinct and striking, and yet subtle and understated.

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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul."
Henry Ward Beecher

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