Aubrey Chali - The Beauty of a Mother
SKU : 4086

Artist: Aubrey Chali

Title:  The Beauty of a Mother

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 74cm x 49cm

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Profile written by Aubrey:

My name is Aubrey Chali am a male freelance visual artist doing drawing on paper, painting on canvas and print making. I truly know deep and deeper down below my heart that, am an artist by nature and I surely believe that art is like food to my soul and I will die imagining what to come up within in the real world, am surrounded by mother nature and imagination. My art is a research on discovering and introducing what I personally call contour linear technique. My art works mostly are messages talking about wildlife and our day to day life in our communities and culture. Art generally speaking, is a global language which unites people from all walks of life.


"The way to use life is to do everything though being."

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