The sculptor, Louis has had a passion for sculpting since he was a child.  He is also extremely versatile in his subject matter, having sculpted realistic figures, and at the same time abstract and organic shapes.

For many years Louis has had a clear vision of creating sculptures of human figures that were made of a transparent material, something like glass or ice. Sculptures that absorb and emit some kind of energy or light which would captivate the viewer by capturing and reflecting the transient nature of light.

The plant carbon resin sculptures that Louis has created, bring the vision to life. These sculptures can look like polished stainless steel in the moonlight, glowing coals with a sunset behind them, or like ice in the middle of the day. Because of the many shapes, curves, and angles of the human body, the resin acts as a magnifying glass, warping the light, reflecting it, flipping images, and even distorting reality.

This constantly engages the viewer