William Kentridge

Kentridge was born in Johannesburg to Sydney Kentridge and his wife Felicia Geffen. Both were attorneys who represented people marginalized by the apartheid system. He was educated at King Edward VII School in Houghton, Johannesburg. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and African Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand and then […]

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Willem Hermanus Coetzer

S3063 Landscape Oil on Board W.H.Coetzer 60cm x 90cm 75,000.00

Willem Hermanus Coetzer was born in Cape Town, South Africa 1900 – 1983. Willem Coetzer lived in Johannesburg from two years old. His father died when he was very young. Willem began to contribute to family income by making sketches, which his mother coloured. In 1917 he was trained as a coach-builder at Johannesburg Trade

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Wessel Marais

S3575 Harbour Boat Scene Oil on Board Wessel Marais 120cmx90cm

Born in Magaliesberg in 1935, Wessel Marais is the son of Postmaster who grew up on a plot near Potchefstroom. Wessel says of his father, “My father was a kind of artist, a poet from whom I seem to have inherited my urge to create”. Upon the completion of his schooling, Wessel recalls that art

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Walter Wahl Battiss

S3323b Screen Prints Embossed Ltd Ed Print Battis A4

Walter Wahl Battiss (January 6, 1906 – August 20, 1982) was a South African artist, generally considered the foremost South African abstract painter and known as the creator of the quirky “Fook Island” concept. Born into English Methodist family in the Karoo town of Somerset East, Battiss first became interested in archaeology and primitive art

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Vladimir Tretchikoff

S3055 Abstact Oil on Canvas Tretchikoff 100cm x 76cm 425,000.00

Tretchikoff was one of the biggest-selling painters ever. Born in Siberia in 1913 his family were scattered across the globe four years later during the Russian Revolution and would never be reunited. He immigrated to China, was orphaned at 11 but went on to become a professional artist at 13. After moving to Singapore he

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Tshidzo Mangena

S3977 Laughter Oil on Canvas Tshidzo Mangena 78cmx102cm

Tshidzo grew up in Hazyview, and now calls Johannesburg home. Tshidzo uses mainly charcoal, acrylic and oil. Using vibrant and unexpected colour combinations he creates works that are rich and emotive. His unique style speaks volumes and complements any space, creating an uplifting atmosphere. The fun-loving father of three is adventurous and spiritual. He is

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Tony De Freitas

S3059 Cape Cottage Oil on Canvas Tony Defreitas 30cmx40cm 4,500.00

Tony de Freitas was born in 1950. As far back as he can remember he was drawing. Tony’s high school art teacher often displayed his paintings in the classroom as an example of “someone who can paint but does nothing about it.” Initially Tony neglected his artistic talent for his love of music. Tony qualified

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Titta Fasciotti

S2901 Forest scene Oil on Board 35cm x 50cm

Titta Fasciotti was always a mystery. From his choice of subjects – Xhosa women at a time when very few European artists were painting natives, to some of the inscriptions in his paintings, to the stories surrounding his death. The man was a mystery. But one thing is undeniable to everyone who has been in

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Tinus de Jongh

S2852 Cape dutch house Oil on Canvas 28cm x 23cm

Tinus de Jongh (31 January 1885, Amsterdam – 17 July 1942, Bloemfontein) was one of South Africa’s most popular painters. Self-taught, he began his career as a decorator in Holland, and then pursued painting full-time. He achieved some note when the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam purchased one of his early pictures. He arrived in South

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Tienie Pritchard

S2172 Ayesha 3/15 Sculpture Tienie Pritchard 72cmx43cm

Tienie Pritchard was born in 1938 in the small town of Soekmekaar in the Northern Province. After school he started a career as public servant for the Department of Social Welfare, where he stayed for 10 years. During all those early years, he spent every spare minute of his time sketching and painting. He applied

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