Brandon Borgelt

Brandon grew up in Johannesburg and always had a very keen interest in animals, keeping all kinds of weird and wonderful pets. At the age of fifteen he moved to Durban where he immediately started working part-time at the Dolphinarium and Snake Park on weekends and holidays. School was little more than an irritation that happened somewhere in a gloomy background and delayed him from getting on with what he wanted to do.

After school he spent two years in the army. Restless and full of wonder  he  took off for the bush where he was involved in various aspects including a curio venture, game ranging at several private reserves, filming documentaries on lions and hyenas in Botswana and Namibia for National Geographic and the BBC and eventually winding up managing the crocodile farm at Sun City.

Feeling stifled and restless again and needing some new excitement he joined a friend in a real estate development f back in Johannesburg after which he started a small construction company which he is still involved in. Recently he has switched his focusing more and more on his creative side and ultimately intends to sculpt full-time.

He sculpts nudes, animals and native American busts using bronze and clay.