Casper Darare

Sculptor Casper Darare’s strength lies in his amazing ability to create human figures with great expression, sensitivity, and mood.

In his lifetime, Casper Darare created a beautiful finished product that reflected the proud traditions of Africa in traditional form.  He captured the people of the Xhosa Tribe , the Masai , the Basotho and of course the Zulus . His sculptures are well crafted of a solid “multi-metal” combination of brass, copper, nickel, bronze and stone, giving each piece its contrasting color and shade. 

Casper Darare is a South African artist of Shona descent.  The late Casper Darare’s artworks are world renowned.  He was commissioned by the British Royal family and his work was displayed in the Louvre in France.  Since the 1970’s his sculptures have been exhibited in major galleries in South Africa, the United States, Holland, the United Kingdom and Singapore.  They are sought by collectors worldwide – Queen Elizabeth’s collection includes two of his pieces—and recognized as amongst South Africa’s best known.